Ice Rink Trimmer

Ice Rink Trimmer
Proven quality
Several years of experience have led us to fine-tune the right water temperature and pressure to spray onto the edge of the rink board. That spray melts accumulating ice chunks and results in a uniform, very high-quality ice surface.

Additionally, usage of the Ice Rink Trimmer significantly reduces rink board damage caused by manual slicing.

Ice Rink Trimmer
Safe and effective
Use of the Ice Rink Trimmer significantly reduces back and shoulder pain caused by the manual method of slicing ice.

Above all, however, this equipment considerably reduces the risk of injury and injury-related costs and improves the quality of life of workers.

Ice Rink Trimmer
Simple and reliable
The Ice Rink Trimmer is very easy to use and requires very little maintenance. Mounted on 4 wheels, it can be moved easily.

Productivity: The Ice Rink Trimmer highly reduces de-icing time, typically accomplished in only 15 minutes.

The gains associated with setting aside slicers are therefore considerable.
Operation is precise, safe, and requires only a minimum of physical strength. Moreover, since it functions without an engine, no toxic emanation is produced.

A Canadian innovation that has been of great service to rink operators in Canada and Europe so far. The Ice Rink Trimmer received an Health and Safety Innovation Award by a government organization in Québec.
Ice Rink Trimmer

The solution

Operation of the Ice Rink Trimmer is relatively simple. Water is heated by a small water tank and pushed out by a pressurized tank. The secret lies in balancing heat and pressure just right, avoiding the unnecessary accumulation of water.



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Innovation and resourcefulness have helped to curb painful bursitis and repeated sick leave. Today, ice cutting is done with an ecological, safe and efficient tool : The Ice Rink Trimmer for ice rink strips.